Christmas make off round two – wreaths.

Following on from the plywood and acrylic mistletoe of last week, I wanted to make something else Christmassy in a similar style.

So next up… Wreaths!

I played around with a few different variations when coming up with a design using Adobe illustrator.

Variations on initial laser-cut christmas wreath design.
Prototype designs for laser cut christmas wreaths

I decided early on that I didn’t want to use green acrylic for the the leaves in the same way I had for the mistletoe. This would use far too much acrylic and take a long time to assemble. Instead I would use a nice plywood for the base and a simple frosted red acrylic for the berries. After prototyping a few ideas in MDF,  I chose the rounded holly leaves as my favourite design.

I tweaked the leaves a bit more to remove any unnecessary cutting, finally aranging the top two leaves in such a way that a nice hole would be formed for hanging (I didn’t want the string to go ‘through’ any leaves).

Top few leaves of the laser cut Christmas wreath – a hole forms between the leaves for the hanging string.

Finally, I made the decision that the frosted red acrylic berries would be the same size as the berry shape on the plywood base. This differs from the berries on the hanging mistletoe, but I think in this case it looks nicer to have a snug fit. Wood glue perfectly sticks the acrylic to the plywood quickly with a clean finish. Interestingly, wood glue isn’t usually a good choice for bonding ply and acrylic. I think in this case, because I’m using acrylic with a nice frosted finish, it gives the glue something to grip on to. It’s actually quite difficult to remove once it’s firmly set! An alternate adhesive would be to cover the revers of the acrylic in double sided sticky tape prior to cutting – peel the backing and put in place! It takes a fraction of the time to assemble and quickly became my new favourite technique!

Assembly of laser cut Christmas wreath made from birch Plywood and frosted red acrylic.

The pale plywood makes the colourful berries really pop out!

Completed laser cut plywood Christmas wreath with frosted red acrylic berries

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