Laser Cut Bunting!

Whilst beavering away with my projects for Newcastle’s Maker Faire UK 2017,  I turned my attention towards how best to decorate our stall! This year I joined the Oomlout team and we certainly wanted to look our best amongst all the other makers that were in attendance.

So the team decision was… BUNTING!

How to go about this was my next thought. I had a few ideas.

Anyone who knows the Oomlout team knows that Oomlout LOVE OOBB – the Open Building Block System. It’s essentially a useful Meccano-esque design that can be adapted to suit any project. You can download and laser cut any piece of your choice by visiting the OOBB page on GitHub . I wanted to make my bunting OOBB compatible so it could be attached to the rest of our maker fair display.

I started by drawing a few simple patterns along with a pretty nice bunting triangle. I tend to do all my drawing on Adobe Illustrator, but at Nice-Cuts we recommend various programs such as Corel Draw and Inkscape. Whatever works best for you!

I converted OOBB file PL 09-01 for the top edge of my triangles so that extra items could be added on along the top (i.e. the photos show flowers bolted on). At the corners standard PL 09-01s can be used for the connecting sections. If you think the gaps between triangles are too big its easy to swap this out for a short piece – perhaps a PL 04-01 for example. I double bolt all the joints together so that the bunting can hang loosely.

Recently I’ve been playing around with a fun app called Amaziograph which is available on IOS. This is great for creating repetitive patterns. I next went on to use some of my Amaziograph doodles for a couple of my bunting triangle. They took a couple of minutes each to cut but I think had an awesome effect!

At Maker Faire the laser cut bunting went down a storm and now has returned to decorate the workshop. Try making your own!!

Laser cut bunting made using OOBB and Amaziograph.
Laser cut bunting made using OOBB and Amaziograph.
Laser Cut Bunting created for Maker Faire UK 2017 Zoe Eady designer laser cut 3mm mdf
Laser Cut Bunting created for Maker Faire UK 2017
Laser cut bunting created using Amaziograph and OOBB. 3mm MDF using nuts and bolts
Laser cut bunting created using Amaziograph and OOBB

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