Laser Cut Your Way Into The Christmas Display… Packaging

A few weeks a go I talked about prototyping for my laser cut Christmas baubles.

I started working on them back in November so they would be ready to send out with plenty of time to spare before Christmas. I had designed them using Adobe Illustrator, and several discarded versions later, my baubles are perfect and ready to distribute. In the mean time several people have been eyeing them up for their own friends and families, and are placing orders.

So here is my next dilemma, how best to package them so the delicate parts won’t break en route to their destination. They will obviously be cheaper to post if travelling flat packed. An added bonus to this is the receiver can have the fun of putting them together themselves!

I decide to add a square border around the outsides of the three separate bauble sections for neatness. This way the circular baubles with all their intricate slots will be firmly housed inside their original MDF surrounding, The set of three pieces now fit beautifully inside a padded envelope.

I type up some simple assembly instructions and print these on stickers – not forgetting to test drive them first on some unsuspecting workshop visitors to check if they make sense. I’ve been saving some of last years now out of date sparkly Christmas cards for this very purpose of displaying the instructions, so after cutting off the offending ‘2015’, the stickers fit perfectly on the back. A red ribbon creates the finishing touch as I tie the bundle up like a present. After opening, the ribbon can also be used to hang you bauble!

Off they go in the post, and everyone seems very happy.

Nice-Cuts - Laser cut Christmas Baubles and laser cut packaging. Laser cutting in Leeds, Yorkshire. Design by Zoe Eady
Nice-Cuts – Laser cut Christmas Baubles and laser cut packaging.

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