Maker Faire UK – Pimp my badge!

This March we were again set the task of creating the badges for Maker Faire UK 2017 – this is our fourth year on badge duty, so we’re keen to celebrate with some lovely new accessories for our makers to express and customise themselves.

In previous years we’ve used the fantastic illustrations of Hexjibber to create beautiful add ons. Arms, legs and heads! Our badge design utilises Oomlout’s OOBB, an open hardware building block system which allows you to create almost anything using standard pieces produced on a laser cutter. Using this allows customisations galore!! Along with the aid of just a few nuts and bolts. It’s available to all and can be found for your own projects on Github – just follow the link above.

This year however, we wanted to give our makers something new to help tailor their look – something that can be completely relevant to their fields. We’ve gone for cogs, tools, symbols and other useful maker-related equipment. I’m certainly going to bolt on a ‘Cup of tea’ and a ‘floppy disk’!

To all those maker extraordinaires out there, you are gonna look beautiful!

Maker Faire UK 2017 Badges and add ons cut by Nice-Cuts Crew blue with angel of the north add on and gears.
Maker Faire UK 2017 Badges and add ons cut by Nice-Cuts

We made these add ons with some big help from the lovely artists at the Noun Project

Art shop
il Capitano
Oksana Latysheva
Dávid Gladiš
Ömer Demirsoy
Jacqueline Fernandes
Dinosoft Labs
Icon Fair
Anton Anuchin
Francesco Terzini
Anastasia Latysheva
Scott Lewis
Arthur Shlain
Hermine Blanquart
H Alberto Gongora

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