Mistletoe! Christmas make-off 2017

Every year, coming up to Christmas time, I take part in a ‘make off’ with some of my other laser cutting friends. It’s not really a competition, it’s just for fun, with very little in the way of an actual winner as everybody’s ideas are always so good!

Last year I made 3D slot-together bauble kits (read about how I designed them here). This year I’m planning some hanging mistletoe.

So first off I draw a mistletoe outline. I took a look at various mistletoe images to get an idea of shape, but I want them to be very simple. Ideally the leaves need to be the same shape and size to make cutting simpler.

Simple mistletoe outline design with reference image.

When I was finally happy with the style and shape I create an outline with a nice big loop on the top for hanging.

Final design file for laser cut hanging mistletoe
First attempt MDF mistletoe for laser cutting nice-cuts prototype
MDF prototype for laser cut hanging mistletoe.

I was very pleased with how the MDF testers were turning out, so decided to try a version with some pretty frosted green acrylic leaves, and little white berries.

Here is where the the use of identical leaves really comes in handy. I used wood glue to stick the acrylic pieces to the base and found it saved me a lot of time not having to worry about which set went where. To speed things even more, I next tried cutting with double sided tape on one side of the acrylic so the add on pieces would stick directly to the base. The white berries are so small and tricky to glue – any way to cut down on ‘faffing about time’ is a good thing!

I next went on to try a ply wood version which, as well as being a little stronger and more durable, looked particuarly lovely with the frosted acrylic and finished off with some lovely thick twine and a nice-cuts label.

My favourite use for laser cut mistletoe so far… rear view mirror mistletoe! Never miss a romantic opportunity when giving lifts to your friends this Christmas!

Finished laser cut mistletoe for Christmas Make off 2017

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