No-Water Houseplants!

It seems as if summer is coming to a close, and as sad as this is, I am feeling relieved that I no longer seem to be a slave to the watering needs of my garden. For weeks thirsty plants have been vying for my attention and my watering can. Determined to find an alternative to this, I have been experimenting with ‘no-water plants’

You guessed it, these plants are in fact laser cut and therefore need no attention whatsoever!!

No-water Houseplants! MDF and garden wire Cheese-plant by nice-cuts a laser cutting service in Leeds yorkshire and beyond!
No-water Houseplants! MDF and garden wire Cheese-plant

I’ve been trying out a few different designs ideas. My first plan was for an interlocking cactus that would stand up, but I soon got bored of this and fairly quickly and moved onto something a bit more leafy!

3D MDF cactus prototype in MDF made by Nice-Cuts a laser cutting service in Leeds Yorkshire UK
3D MDF cactus prototype in MDF.

Cheese plants have always interested me so this is what I went for next. I used a few template leaves from the Noun project, a huge database of vector ready artwork that can be used for free if you credit the artists (thanks Dairy Free Design, Alena Artemova and Vladimir Belochkin). I added the little holes for the stalks and then included some etching to give the veins a bit of definition. I cut out a couple of sets, both larger and slightly smaller to help make them look a bit more random and lifelike.

I used ordinary garden wire for the stems, twisting these into supportive loops to hold the leaves at slightly different angles and give them a jaunty look. I’ve displayed the stems in a small tight opening vase. They need arranging in a similar way to cut flowers, but I’m thinking about how to twist them together to make something a bit more permanent. Perhaps that’s one for next time!

Now if I just replace all my houseplants with these lovely lasered ones, I can neglect them as much as I want and go on holiday without fear of returning to a house full of dead looking pots.

Various Cheese plant leaves adapted for my 'No-Water Houseplant' cut out of MDF by Nice-Cuts Lasercutting services for Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond
Various Cheese plant leaves adapted for my ‘No-Water Houseplant’

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