A Bit of Bling!

Its nice to come into work looking a million pounds, so to cheer up everyone in the Nice-Cuts office during this blustery gloomy springtime I decided to have a go at some glitzy laser cut jewellery!

Here is my inspiration. I want to make something ridiculously glamorous – but out of humble plywood.

Jewels for laser cutting necklace inspiration
jewel necklace for nice-cuts laser cut jewels inspiration

So first up, I get on with drawing some of these lovely geometric cut diamond shapes.

Here’s what I came up with. Nice simple lines that can be laser etched quickly.

Here’s what I came up with…

And next arranged into a beautiful necklace! I’ve added linking sections joining all the jewels together and coloured the bottom image black and yellow to make it slightly clearer for the purpose of this example.

Vector design for assembled jewels and linking pieces.

I intend to do various versions. Firstly, I will make a flat single layer version on ply. I’ll engrave the jewel details first then cut the surrounding shape. Below i’ve shown the etch line on the far left, the cut line in the centre and the overall total cut file including both on the right. Not forgetting to include little square holes (shown in black on the right) in the centre of the corner jewels for easy hanging!

Single layer plywood diamond jewellery.

I’m very pleased with the way this turns out! I think it looks classy and silly at the same time! Definitely need to try it in coloured acrylic next!

Single layer geometric diamond necklace in hot pink acrylic!

…And then frosted crystal clear acrylic. I was pleased with the way the etched lines show through – looks very much like chunky diamonds. However detail doesn’t show up particularly well from a distance so not quite the perfect solution.

Laser-etching on 3mm frosted crystal clear acrylic.

Next I’m keen to move onto layering up coloured jewels on top of a plain base section. I got back to my design and use the original set of completed free standing diamonds (all the shapes) and cut and etch them from various colours. Secondly I use the the undecorated base layer (shown centre in the three stage vector file image above).

After a few test goes I deicide to include the etching detail of the tiny jewels (squares and small circles) to the same base layer as they are far too fiddly to for glueing. 

Frost clear acrylic laser etch jewels on a hot pink 3mm acrylic base.

When using the transparent acrylic colours, one effect I was really pleased with was the etching detail that glowed when turned upside down – especially in sun light. this was often more effective than when they were arranged etching side up. Unfortunately when glued into place this wouldn’t always show up quite as nicely, but it does give a sort of unearthly internal glow that was pretty cool! Some colours glowed brighter than others. I was particularly please with the florescent yellow.

Sometimes arranging the transparent acrylic coloured jewels upside down created lovely effects!
Various colours hung up ready to be displayed.

Some pretty silk ribbon was the perfect final touch!

And I also tried wooden jewels on a coloured base which was a nice variation.

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