Postage Problems!

One of our regular customers, Oh My Dear Julia, creates beautiful bespoke wedding invitations and favours. She actually wrote a guest blog for us back in March (read it here!) explaining her working process.

A couple of months ago she started making larger decorative keepsake hearts using our 4mm Oak Veenered MDF stock. This one is about 30cm tall. On her shop front Julia refer to them as ‘Personalised Wooden Wall Decor’.

'And They Lived Happily Ever After' large laser cut keepsake heart by Oh My Dear Julia - cut by nice-cuts a laser cutting service in Leeds, Yorkshire.
‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’ large laser cut keepsake heart by Oh My Dear Julia

Then this week she placed an order for a repeat cut. When I asked why she needed it again, she sadly explained that these delicate pieces have occasionally come a cropper of the British Royal Mail. Postage is a tricky business for large delicate laser cut things. This got my to thinking how we might be able to help her.

  • First off, a sturdy base layer! It sounds like the problem is these large hearts are snapping or being squashed in the post. Packaging them up in cardboard is not always strong enough. So we make a generic heart shape that will be able to contain all of Julia’s bespoke pieces. Each heart tends to be a slightly different shape and size so I don’t want to make anything to specific for this layer.
 large laser cut keepsake heart on Oak Veneered MDF by Oh My Dear Julia - cut by nice-cuts a laser cutting service in Leeds, Yorkshire.
Postage prototyping for Large wooden hearts.
  • Next up, a snug fitting centre insert to protect the edges. With each decorative heart being bespoke, the perimeter hearts are often slightly different from piece to piece with Julia’s work. so I’ve used the artwork boundary path from ‘Mr&Mrs Hussain’, along with the same ‘generic heart shape’ from step one, to ensure the artwork is perfectly encased. For this prototype I’ve used standard MDF, but thinking ahead, it would be quickest and easiest with future cuts to make this centre layer out of the same material as the artwork. This way the decoratively shaped edge only needs cutting once. Postage prototyping Step 2! Snug fitting insert.
  • Step three, a quick cover with a branded business logo! I went back and added the holes as a last minute decision. My thinking was Julia could see it as a possible gift wrap option and tie the whole thing  together with a nice ribbon. This will keep everything nicely in place in the post and should hold it’s own against bigger heavier parcels!
  • Postage prototyping for Large wooden hearts. Step three, branded cover! Thoughts for a future version of this. Perhaps it would be nice to put holes all round the edge and thread ribbon right the way round. If packaged in this way, would it still need any other postage materials? Perhaps the casing could be posted as is, with a big etched address box in the centre and a space for stamps! Would certainly save on those extra large jiffy bags.

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