Laser cut machine parts

Handy tips and hints to ensure your files are ready to cut.

We accept vector file formats, with the laser following paths in the file. We recommend that you don’t use layers, instead use colours to determine what is cut or engraved. We will always confirm that your files are suitable before cutting, and can help if you are having trouble getting your files right.

As a guide, we use the following colours:

  • Black paths: cut
  • Red paths: vector etch (engraving along the line)
  • Green paths: raster etch (‘fill’ engraving by scanning across a shape many times until the shape is filled)
  • Blue: notes/information not to be cut

Currently, the largest area that we can cut is 750mm x 500mm.

We carry a fair amount of sheet material in stock, and can order material in to suit your project.

Guideline design file templates

Grab these files below (right click to download the files) to give you an idea of what we accept for cutting.

Design software

Don’t have vector design software? Don’t want to start designing just yet? Don’t worry, we can help! Drop us a line with your needs, and we’ll see what we can do.

If you are interested in getting started drawing designs for cutting, we can recommend Inkscape, a free-to-use vector graphics package. There are plenty of guides out there, and once you get started, it gets rather addictive!